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Cheveux gris - cheveux blancs - cheveux poivre et sel

Anti Grey Hair Lotion - TerrySpher®

Sale price €59,00 Regular price €99,00

100% Coconut Charcoal - Tural WhiteSmile®

100% Coconut Charcoal - Tural WhiteSmile®

Sale price €29,00 Regular price €55,00

Teeth Whitening Kit - YES-WHITE®

Teeth Whitening Kit - YES-WHITE®

Sale price €39,00 Regular price €59,00

Teeth Whitening Kit - Floradyle®

Teeth Whitening Kit - Floradyle®

Regular price €129,00

Anti Cellulite Roller - The Zoute®

Anti Cellulite Roller - The Zoute®

Sale price €47,50 Regular price €89,00

Teeth Whitening Kits

The ultimate painless, natural and effective teeth whitening kits. Unbelievable results in a safe and easy way !

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100% Coconut Charcoal

In the world of teeth whitening, charcoal is the new trend. With our charcoal guaranteed 100% coconut, you are sure to buy the safest and most effective charcoal on the market.

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Anti Grey Hair Lotion

"Innovation of the Year 2019" - This product naturally reverses the greying process and enables the grey hair to recover its original color. Make your hair young again !

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Anti-Cellulite Roller

The most advanced and effective Anti Cellulite Roller finally available to everyone !
Learn how science breaks all records.

Say Goodbye to Cellulite
  • Invented By Nature

    Everything your beauty needs is out there in the nature. We don't recreate its magic. Our mission is to bring it to you in the best condition possible.

  • Brought to you By Science

    All our products are controlled and manufactured under  scientific supervision. Results are guaranteed thanks to scientific evaluation via medical and clinical tests.

  • Enhancing your Beauty

    Our motivation is your beauty and wellness. Therefore, buying an Hauliga® product means buying quality, trust and results at the best price available. 


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As an individual, we advise you to buy directly on this website.

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If you buy products on this website, they'll be shipped in one business day. 

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Hauliga is a producing company. Our website is our only selling channel. Interested in selling our products in your country ? 

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