Anti Grey Hair Lotion

Your Hair. Reborn.

The Magic action of Terryspher® brings your hair back to life ! Magic ? Well, not exactly. By Magic we mean Elite Science ! Indeed, the Anti Gray Hair Lotion is an alternative to coloring.
It helps protect and restore the natural phenomenon of hair pigmentation called melanogenesis.
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The product has been clinically tested by several independent laboratories that all attest to their effectiveness. Several studies by doctors and surgeons have shown that in 100% of cases at least 50% of white hair recover their natural color after 4 months of treatment. For that, a rigorous application of the instructions is obviously necessary.

Anti-Gray Hair Lotion is an alternative to coloring.

It helps protect and restore the natural phenomenon of hair pigmentation called melanogenesis.

As this is a natural process, you will have to follow the treatment over time.
You can compare this to a daily hygiene gesture such as brushing teeth.

With good discipline, the results are guaranteed! Without it, it's inefficient.


Product use:

Apply daily up to 20 drops preferably on a dry scalp.
Thus, a bottle lasts in 4 & 6 weeks.
Apply these drops spreading them over the entire surface of the skull.
Be careful, we are talking about the skin of the skull and not the hair.
Massage until full penetration of the product into the skin. (It leaves no trace or greasy appearance).

Repeat this operation every day preferably in your most stable routine (evening or morning)
You can also apply it morning and evening if you wish.

We advise you to use it for a minimum of 4 months. Indeed, scientific and medical studies have shown that at least 50% of white hair was naturally recolored after 4 months.
However, you can continue the intensive course as long as you want because it is 100% safe.
Once the 4 months have passed, we advise you to continue using the product at least once or twice a week.
This will maintain the effects of the product.

The product acts on the hair root. Unlike staining, the lotion is applied to the scalp, the hairline. Your hair will grow back from its natural color from the base. The product therefore acts on smooth hair as on frizzy, relaxed, curly or wavy hair. If the hair is dark, they will grow dark, whether black or brown. If the hair is light, they will grow back light whether it is brown, blond or red.

The lotion makes gray hair and hair disappear, whether for young or old. The hair grows back in their natural color whatever your age. But the more white gray hair you have, the more visible the results will be!

No contraindications at all !
However, if long-term treatment or heavy treatment, allergy known, suggest talking with your doctor.

Hauliga aims to bring, through science, the benefits that are found in Nature. So none of our products have been tested on animals, no products are currently tested on animals and no products will ever be tested on animals.

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