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Lifting Serum

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Discover the Miraculous Effects of TerrySpher®

Born from Nature, the wonderful Hauliga Instant® serum has the power to sublimate the skin.
The TerrySpher® is the basis of the very secret formula of our Lifting Serum.

Developed with precious herbs rich in essential elements and pure ingredients, the TerrySpher® delivers its legendary lifting powers to the heart of cells and contributes to their natural renewal.
Revitalized, the skin is then able to rebuild itself naturally, to renew itself. She is getting younger.

The serum nourishes the skin with an incredible moisturizing balm with the lifting powers of the miraculous TerrySpher®, for a visibly sublimated and rejuvenated skin.
From the very first application, the face is visibly smoother, wrinkles and fine lines fade and even the driest skin is soothed. The formula is so effective that it even allows the skin to thwart the plans of acne.

Apply our serum on your whole face every morning.
Apply the serum on a clean and dry skin.

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