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Anti Cellulite Roller - The Zoute®

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The Zoute®, is a revolution in anti cellulite treatment. 

Thanks to the double action magnetism and micro-current, The Zoute® achieves amazing results that will blow your mind !

After only one week of usage, the cellulite is visibly reduced.

The effects are continuous so if you keep on using this tool, you keep on achieving even more impressive results.

All of this without paying for surgery or expensive massages !

Use for 5 minutes per zone twice a day.
Roll and massage over the parts of your body where you want to get rid of cellulite.
During the first sessions, do not massage too hard.

The box contains one The Zoute® Anti Cellulite Roller.
The roller is made of a variety of elements of metal mineral.
It is built-in with bio-magnetic and advanced solar bioelectrical elements.

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