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This secret that nature has long hidden from us is revolutionizing the way we treat white hair!


The following elements will put everything you think you know about white hair and how to treat it into perspective.

So be prepared to be skeptical.

If you don't have an intellectual approach and are not ready to open up to the new, no need to keep reading this.

Indeed, recent discoveries in modern biology have revealed to us that in reality, we didn't know much about the subject!

These studies, very recent, the general public has not yet had access to. You will therefore doubt when reading this text. It's normal.

Indeed, many misconceptions about white hair are still widely circulating. These myths are not lies but simply outdated ideas.

Today, no one would dare to claim loud and clear that the Earth is flat. At the end of reading this article, your old beliefs about white hair will be comparable to this idea: outdated.

So let's discover together these ready-made sentences which are now completely obsolete:

For most people, this seems to be obvious. And yet it’s wrong!

No, don't leave this page. Read this explanation first.

I warn you, now is the time to hang on a bit. This is the Biology time for this reading. But I trust you, you have what it takes to understand the following.

So there it is, the hair is naturally white. Indeed, they are composed of 95% keratin (the same material as your nails). If they are colored on your head, it is thanks to a natural dye called melanin. This dye is produced by melanocytes, cells comparable to small color production factories. This melanin is then released into the hair which colors it.

Ok that's fine, but what does it change?

Well it changes everything in reality. Indeed, these small factories need a healthy environment to function properly. Naturally, it is catalase, another biological component, which plays this role.

Catalase is an antioxidant (remember this for the rest because it is very important!).

In a colorful way, we can say that catalase is there to keep factories clean and allow them to function properly!

The problem is that in our modern societies, pollution, smoking, unhealthy eating, stress, the chemicals in cleaning and styling products are too much for factories.

The direct consequence is that catalase is no longer sufficient to keep the melanocytes clean and functional. Result ? They get dirty. Production becomes bad. The dye is no longer produced in a large enough quantity and presto, the hair no longer grows colored but white or gray.

This explains why many people living in very polluted cities develop very young white hair. Often before even the 30 years mark!

So we now understand that white hair is not directly related to age, but rather to the environment!

So let's see a second big common mistake among people who don't know what you've just learned!

So you’re probably saying to yourself, “Ok, it’s not just old age. But what does it change? I still have white hair and I can not move to the seaside and eat only food picked the same day so in reality it does not change anything for me! "

Well, in reality it changes everything! Do you remember the natural antioxidant just now? Catalase? Well this is where the key is!

Indeed, since the hair is impacted by the environment and the element which limits this impact is an antioxidant, it suffices to give factories, an adequate antioxidant to help catalase fight dirt from the outside. That's it ! Hair can regain its natural color!

Which brings us to another relic of the past that we will all have to forget.

You have just understood that it is possible to help the cells responsible for coloring hair. So now let's see how!

Thanks to the unique ingredient "TERRYSPHER®"! This formula is a revolution in the field of white hair!

Indeed, this powerful natural antioxidant effectively helps catalase and therefore prevents factories from closing. This will keep your hair colored!

TERRYSPHER® is a protected formula developed by a European multidisciplinary team which reactivates the production of melanin by the hair roots! This revolutionary ingredient literally makes your hair grow natural in color!

I warned you that you would be skeptical! Just a little more reading and you will see that you were right to take the time to read.

TERRYSPHER® is made up of natural ingredients selected for their antioxidant effects. It penetrates thanks to an advanced technology recently patented by the French CNRS, the MULTILAMELLAR ENCAPSULATION.

In short, this technique does 3 things:

1) To conserve and protect the properties of the ingredients. This allows you to work with healthy and non-dangerous products. "BYE BYE harmful products"

2) Ensure sustained release of the product into the skin. Its effects are therefore guaranteed for a sufficient time to be effective!

3) Penetrate deep into the skin. Indeed, without that, needless to say that the product could not act at the level of cells! This is what makes it truly inimitable!

So this is a revolution and you are among the first people to know! Most people don't know what you just read. The best news is yet to come!

This product is healthy and guaranteed safe (no side effects)! In addition, it is accessible to all budgets. Here are the results of an independent study on the subject! See for yourself the results measured in laboratories:

98% of the people who tested it had results.

No one had a side effects.

Simply incredible !

But that was not all! Not only did people recover their natural color, but in addition, they lost their hair less, they no longer had sensitive scalps, ... Some men even had hair that grew back!

Ok now that you have all the evidence of the product's effectiveness, let me explain how to use it:

It has been proven that after four months of daily application of the lotion, at least 50% of the white hair has disappeared. Thus, the hair regains the youthful radiance of its natural color. But of course you can continue longer. The effects are progressive, so the more you use it, the more effective it is.

• The first results are observed after one month of use.
• We advise you to use it every day for 4 months.
• However, you can continue intensive use for as long as you want.
• The longer you continue the treatment, the more important the results.
• After the cure, continue to use the product once or twice a week.
• This will ensure the preservation of the effects of the product.

And since the product is on the market, we received a lot of positive feedback! Our customers are delighted!

So, I have a question: Would you like to have access to this revolutionary product that uses natural products to restore life and youth to your hair?

Well good news because you have access to it!

Know that, in addition to the lotion, you will have access to a guide that we have developed to take care of her hair healthily and effectively.

In this guide you will have specific advice for each type of hair! This guide has a value of € 29 and will be offered to you free of charge.

We will also allow you to become a member of the private Facebook group reserved for Hauliga customers where we offer offers exclusively reserved for members. In this group you will save a minimum of € 100 over the year. At least!

So if I sum up, if you order today, you will get:

- The digital book worth € 29 -

- Access to the Hauliga private facebook group worth at least 100 €/year -

- A 4 months cure of TerrySpher® Anti Grey Hair Lotion -

All of this for ONLY 236€ !

The best of the best is that the results are scientifically proven. You can be sure you will have results! So you're sure you get what you pay for!

On the other hand, we have to clarify that the number of packs available at this price will be limited.

Finally, the only risk you take is to miss this opportunity!

Imagine how you will feel when you have recovered your natural color and people are looking at you asking where your youthful impulse comes from ...

All you have to do is click the "take advantage of the offer" button. You will arrive directly in your basket and can proceed to order the anti gray hair pack.

For those who have already taken action, your E-book will be sent to you in the next few minutes. You will receive an email in which you will have a PDF to download and you can directly read this on your computer or on your smartphone.

Then you will receive an email asking you to join the private Facebook group. And in a maximum of one week, your pack will be at home!

Remember, it's only 236 € !

Home Product

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The product has been clinically tested. Several studies have shown that in 100% of cases at least 50% of white hair recover their natural color after 4 months of treatment. For that, a rigorous application of the instructions is obviously necessary.

Anti-Gray Hair helps protect and restore the natural phenomenon of hair pigmentation called melanogenesis.

As this is a natural process, you will have to follow the treatment over time.
You can compare this to a daily hygiene gesture such as brushing teeth.

With good discipline, the results are guaranteed! Without it, it's inefficient.


Product use:

Apply daily up to 20 drops preferably on a dry scalp.
Thus, a bottle lasts in 4 & 6 weeks.
Apply these drops spreading them over the entire surface of the skull.
Be careful, we are talking about the skin of the skull and not the hair.
Massage until full penetration of the product into the skin. (It leaves no trace or greasy appearance).

Repeat this operation every day preferably in your most stable routine (evening or morning)
You can also apply it morning and evening if you wish.

We advise you to use it for a minimum of 4 months. Indeed, scientific and medical studies have shown that at least 50% of white hair was naturally recolored after 4 months.
However, you can continue the intensive course as long as you want because it is 100% safe.
Once the 4 months have passed, we advise you to continue using the product at least once or twice a week.
This will maintain the effects of the product.

The product acts on the hair root. Unlike staining, the lotion is applied to the scalp, the hairline. Your hair will grow back from its natural color from the base. The product therefore acts on smooth hair as on frizzy, relaxed, curly or wavy hair. If the hair is dark, they will grow dark, whether black or brown. If the hair is light, they will grow back light whether it is brown, blond or red.

The lotion makes gray hair and hair disappear, whether for young or old. The hair grows back in their natural color whatever your age. But the more white gray hair you have, the more visible the results will be!

No contraindications at all !
However, if long-term treatment or heavy treatment, allergy known, suggest talking with your doctor.

Hauliga aims to bring, through science, the benefits that are found in Nature. So none of our products have been tested on animals, no products are currently tested on animals and no products will ever be tested on animals.

To guarantee you the best possible price this product is only available on this shop. By buying directly from the producer, you save the middlemen. However some products are sold with trusted partners like some pharmacies and parapharmacies.