Our First Success

Floradyle® - The start of the journey !

In 2016, Dr. Terry Lidarssi, creator of Hauliga®, invented Floradyle®, the only efficient and sane teeth whitening kit at the time. The following months were a rush ! International interest in the product got the company buzzing.

International Deployment

Building on this success, as of 2017, the company has sold its products worldwide. China, Japan, USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, our team has crisscrossed each of these countries in fairs and exhibition halls for professionals in the dental and cosmetic industry.

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Product sold in all good pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Hereunder, you will see reknown companies selling our product. 
All these, very safe and serious pharmacies chose for ous solution due to its innovative technology and it's efficiency. Our products still all follow the same logic: Quality natural ingredients, top notch science and clinically proven results.