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Proofs of Effectiveness

The question we are getting the most about our anti gray hair product is: "How is this possible?"

For people who want to understand, here are the scientific aspects that explain the effectiveness of the product:

• The basic hair material is keratin (like your nails). This material is white
• If your hair is colored, it is thanks to the pigment produced by the roots that we call melanin.
• This melanin is produced in small plants called melanocytes.
• These melanocytes undergo the effects of oxidation (environment, old age, pollution, food, stress, etc.).
• The direct consequences of this oxidation are the impossibility of releasing melanin and in some cases the cessation of its production.
• The product is a powerful natural antioxidant that removes the effects of this oxidation.
• Thus, melanogenesis can resume and the hair repels colored as before.
• CAUTION: This is a natural process. So we have to give nature time to do its work.
For each hair to go into melanogenesis phase it takes 4 months.