Hauliga® Laboratoires is a Belgian company, dedicated to the R & D, invention, design, manufacture and sale of products for health and well-being. With cosmetic and therapeutic products.

We have multiple patented worldwide technologies which make our products really different and incredibly effective.
Amongst them, TerrySpher® is the one we take most pride in. 
This technology really revolutionnize the world of skin care and product effectiveness. It is responsible for most of the results our products will offer. 
This technology enables us to achieve "Surgery-Like" results on lifting, hair color recovery and many more applications. 
For now you will be able to find it in our Anti Grey Hair Lotion.

All our products are invented, developed, manufactured and packaged in Belgium under the highest control standards of safety and European production quality:

• ISO 9001

• ISO 13485 Medical Devices

• Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

• An FAMHP (Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products) certificate for the secondary packaging of medicines

• 2 ISO 8 (class D) Clean Rooms

The fact that in terms of logistics we are surrounded by the leading companies in the Belgian market allows us to ensure high quality production and transport for our customers in order to offer them a service of quality and optimal comfort.

In addition to our extreme scientific rigour, we make it a point of honour to hold all the legal documents necessary for the marketing of our products, for both the Belgian and European markets.