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Tips for Use

Anti-Gray Hair Lotion helps protect and restore the natural phenomenon of hair pigmentation called melanogenesis.
As this is a natural process, you will have to follow the treatment over time.
You can compare this to a daily hygiene gesture such as brushing teeth.
With good discipline, the results are guaranteed! Without it, it's inefficient.

Product use:

• Apply daily 16 to 20 drops preferably on a dry scalp.
• Thus, a bottle lasts in 4 & 6 weeks.
• Apply these drops by spreading them over the entire surface of the skull.
• Attention, we are talking about the skull skin and not the hair.
• Massage until complete penetration of the product into the skin. (It does not leave a trace or greasy appearance)
• Repeat this every day preferably in your most stable routine (evening or morning)
• You can also apply it morning and evening if you wish.

Are there contraindications?

• No absolutely no.
• However, if you are following a specific treatment, we advise you to talk to your doctor.

Duration of the complete cure:

We advise you to use it for a minimum of 4 months. Indeed, scientific and medical studies have shown that at least 50% of white hair was naturally recolored after 4 months.
However, you can continue the intensive course as long as you want because it is 100% safe.
Once the 4 months have elapsed, we advise you to continue using the product at least once or twice a week.
This will maintain the effects of the product.