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100% Coconut Charcoal - Tural WhiteSmile®

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Tural WhiteSmile® Activated Charcoal Powder will give you direct and visible teeth whitening effect. 

Tural WhiteSmile® Coconut Charcoal is the safest charcoal to be found on the internet. Indeed, it is guarenteed 100% made of coconut shells.

This helps fighting bacteria and reducing inflammation without damaging the enamel and the gums. It helps removing stains and discolouration.

Use Tural WhiteSmile® for a brighter, whiter smile:

1) Put water on your bamboo toothbrush
2) Dip the brush in the coconut charcoal
3) Brush your teeth gently
4) Wash your mouth

Do that twice a day for optimum results.

The kit contains:
1) One bamboo toothbrush - 100% Biodegradable
2) 30g of pure Coconut Charcoal - 100% made from coconut shells.

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